Breaking in Our New Home

As Adam mentioned in his last post here, the rescue team is extremely excited about our new home. And it appears the turtles are excited too! As we continued to set up and organize in preparation for cold stun season, our first turtle patient decided to help us break in our new set up. The Kemp's ridley sea turtle, appropriately named 'Quincy', arrived last weekend.

Above, 'Quincy' swims in the large tank.

'Quincy' currently remains in critical condition. He (or she) was even on a ventilator for a short period last week. He just started swimming in a large tank for short periods of time. The rescue team is trying to remain hopeful that this turtle will make a full recovery.

The above photo is 'Quincy' during his intake exam.

Three more turtles have arrived in the past week and a half since 'Quincy' first came in. The steady start to turtle season is helping us get accustomed to the new facility and break in our new equipment.

The picture on the left shows #6 and #7, two Kemp's ridleys that arrived in the past two days, in our new Intensive Care Unit. The picture on the right shows them swimming in a kiddy pool in the new Holding Room.

#5 has the small pool all to himself. He better not get used to this because he'll have company pretty soon.

You may remember from last year that we pick a naming theme for each season. We decided to name the first turtle 'Quincy' in honor of our new location, although it is unrelated to the theme that has been decided on. Check back soon to read what our naming theme will be! Any guesses?



  1. Good luck in your new facility! I would love to volunteer to help with the turtles, I think they are magnificent animals. But, alas, I live a couple hundred miles away. My guess for a theme? New beginnings?

  2. Do you allow visitors at the Quincy centre?

  3. Thanks for your interest! The Animal Care Center in Quincy is not open to the public. It's a holding and rescue facility for the animals, and does not have the infrastructure (parking, entryways, restrooms etc.) to accommodate public visitors.

    However, most of the animals spending time in holding will soon be moved to new homes in the Aquarium. This may include some of the rescued sea turtles.

  4. How does one sign up to volunteer?

  5. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the great work you're doing!

  6. Thanks again for the comments! The volunteering information is on the website here.

    Right now the sea turtle rescue volunteer position is posted.

    Thanks for your interest in helping!

  7. I think the new naming system should be based off Lady Gaga hits. That would be amazing.

  8. Thanks to you all for your amazing and compassionate work!!

  9. I am so glad that your facility shows so much compassion for the turtles incapacitated by the cold water. Keep up the good (and necessary) work!