That's Not a Turtle!

Okay, you caught us. BUT ... while the turtles continue to recover I thought I'd use this blog to share some of the work our Rescue Rehab team does outside the aquarium.

Just yesterday the team spent the afternoon responding to an adult harp seal that traveled a little far up a tidal river in Saugus! I wouldn't say it was stuck, but it was in shallow water and it would have had a long trip back to the ocean. So, the team decided to relocate the animal to a beach in Nahant.

The decision to relocate was also for the safety of the public. If someone who didn't know any better tried to approach it, the animal might respond with defensive, aggressive behavior, including biting.

Want to know what to do (and what NOT to do) if you see a seal on the beach? Check out the rescue rehab pages.

So why did it come so far inland? We don't really know. The animal looked healthy, and it is normal for them to rest on land. This one just got on a path and decided to keep following it. What can you think of that might cause an animal to travel so far from it's normal habitat?

This story does have a happy ending...the wayward harp seal was released and darted straight into the ocean, not even pausing to look back.

- Bronwyn

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