"Bubba" Bronchospcopy

Our Kemp's ridley called Bubba recently underwent a procedure in the Aquarium Medical Center (AMC). After this turtles last set of radiographs we noticed an increase opacity in the right lung compared to the left. The animal was then scheduled for a bronchoscopy.

Because we were going to be sticking an endoscope down the animals trachea to reach the lung the turtle was sedated. Whenever we sedate any of our animals we have a data recorder to make sure the animal's breathing (RR) and heart rate (HR) stay within normal limits.

We then have to prop the mouth open and insert the endoscope to reach the area of lung that we will be sampling.

Once the endoscope is placed through the glottis it is then guided to the location of the lung where we will be trying to obtain samples. This is done by watching the monitor the endoscope is attached to.

Once there we are able to take different samples and send off to the lab. We are still waiting for results.

Again this procedure was done in the AMC and guests that day were able to watch the whole process.


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