Orion biopsy results back.

We recently received the results back for Orion our only Kemp's ridley that is still in the Aquarium Medical Center. The biopsy samples that were sent out all have come back negative for bacteria and fungal infection. The diagnosis from the lab is Granulomatous and heterophilic pneumonia. (Video of the biopsy is here. Description of the biopsy is here.)

So what does that mean? In layman's terms Dr. Innis describes the biopsy of the lung as inflammation and nodules of scar tissue due to a previous infection. We will continue with our current medication regime and have another CT scan done in about a month.

Clinically this turtle is doing pretty good. The turtle's appetite has increased and is starting to dive for food and it is less dependent on being fed off of tongs. It is also resting on the bottom of the tank more often. These are very encouraging signs to us.


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