Update on Route's broken flipper

This is an update on our Kemp's ridley turtle named Route. You may recall (from this post) that Route came to us in October after being found on a Cape Cod beach. Route had severe wounds, a broken left humerus, and had lost a lot of blood. I am happy to report that Route is doing quite well.

In this photo, you can see Route's injured left flipper (the end is missing).

He is swimming well, eating well, and trying to bite us! These are all good signs. Route is no longer anemic, as his body has regenerated the blood cells that were lost during his original injury. We recently removed the metal bars that were used to stabilize his broken flipper. The bone did not heal perfectly and it has not yet completed healing, but it is healing in a functional position. His other wounds are all healing very well. We are hopeful that Route will be released in summer 2009.

- Dr. Innis

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