Oh where oh where could our little turtle be?

Hi all,

I am monitoring the movements of Goose, the green sea turtle, very closely and am a bit concerned about the high surf. Of course these animals encounter high surf, storms and tides throughout their lives, however I am being extra cautious since this animal has been in a rehabilitation setting since November. I did not expect to receive as many hits from the tag due to the high surf but so far I am receiving the data.

In the photo below you can see the antenna of the tag bending over after the force of a wave. During high surf and storms we often do not receive as much data because this antenna does not clear the top of the waves.

As many of you know, the track of this little green turtle are posted on seaturtle.org. Goose is currently off the coast of Rhode Island oddly enough off the coast of Gooseberry Island!



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  1. I really hope Goose makes it out of Long Island Sound, he's been stuck in there for awhile!