Candi in the turtle house!

Hi all,

First, I should explain the title of this blog. As our faithful readers will remember, while Dr. Innis and I were in New Orleans caring for oiled sea turtles from the Gulf oil spill, the days were very long and hot. On most days our busy turtle treatment schedule did not leave time for a lunch break. Candi, one of our dedicated blog readers, shipped three cases (yes three cases, not bags) of Dancing Deer cookies down to the turtle teams.

On many a long day these fine treats became lunch and/or dinner. The cookies were welcomed and enjoyed by everyone working at the facility!

Upon returning from my sea turtle shift in the Gulf I posted a note in hopes that Candi, our generous cookie provider, would see it. I asked her to email me personally and invited her for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium Medical Center and our Sea Turtle Clinic here at the New England Aquarium.

In the photo below Candi (far right) and Adam talk and laugh during our tour of the Sea Turtle Clinic.

During our visit, I tried to take a few photos of the green sea turtles but they kept swimming toward me. These are not my best photos but they look pretty interesting!

I think the turtles took a shine to Candi, they kept coming back to the side of the tank to check us out.

In the photo below Candi and Adam watch our intern, Allison, feed the green sea turtles in the tank.

We had such a nice visit. When Candi arrived she brought me another gift, a copy of a painting she had done of one of the turtles I posted on the blog from New Orleans. The painting is amazing and has earned a place on the wall in my office! [You can see the painting on the Aquarium's facebook page.] Candi is a special kind of person. We all knew it from the thoughtful gift she sent us. Her kind gesture touched us all and made us more aware that people out there knew what we were doing. For Candi and all the others who have responded to our blogs, please know we greatly appreciated your support. It truly felt like we had a giant cheerleading squad all our own.

Thanks Candi, it was great fun meeting you!

- Connie


  1. How fantastic! Everyone should check out Candi's paintings. She posts them on the Aquarium's facebook page. www.facebook.com/NewEnglandAquarium

  2. Hooray to the people who help sea turtles and the people who send those people cookies :)

  3. Connie...thank you so much for the lovely tour and the wonderful blog. Really very kind and generous of you to do it. However, what I did was a little thing for the people who do the big work of rescue and care, all the time. Keep the stories and photos coming, as I love to read them. Thanks again. Candi