Turtles after the Storm.

Image from National Geographic

We were curious to see what our turtles would do as Hurricane Earl approached. Would they head out to open water or try and tuck into a bay or secluded area. It looks like they chose the latter of the options. All four turtles are currently heading into Long Island sound and are hugging the coastline.

You will see their travels in the maps below, all maps on this blog are from Seaturtle.org.

Above Is Navajo. (I am hiding behind the turtle)

Track Navajo turtle here.

Adopt Navajo turtle here.

Above is King's Canyon.

Track "King" here.

Adopt King's Canyon here.

Above is Fossil Butte.

Track Fossil Butte here.

Adopt Fossil Butte here.

Above is Everglades.

Track Everglades here.

Adopt Everglades here.
It will be interesting to see if the turtles stay in Long Island sound as long as Goose did or head out earlier.

Stay tuned...


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  1. could you also post the turtle's rehab. tag #'s w/ their formal names? some of us know them more by #'s....