Turtle season - gains and losses

Hi all,

As you read in Kerry's previous post, sea turtle season is now in full swing. Yesterday four more live Kemp's ridley sea turtles arrived from the beaches of Cape Cod.

In the photo below a new arrival is photographed while a Rescue staff biologist prepares for the intake process. The process includes a complete physical exam, photo documentation, wound care, blood collection and more. As you can see, the animals are often covered in sand upon arrival. A gentle flush with saline usually removes all the sand without causing injury to the eye.

In addition to the sand on these animals, they also strand with a significant amount of algae on them. The carapace (top shell) of the turtle below is black, however only small sections can be seen under and between the algae growth.

Below is a photo of the activity in our clinic this morning. With help from our interns (holding the turtles), Rescue staff biologists collect blood samples and perform morning treatments.

In the photo below Katie, our veterinary technician, (our own super tech!) processes blood samples in the new lab.

I am saddened to report that we lost number 4, the little turtle named Quincy. He/she declined rapidly and was put on a ventilator and emergency recovery drugs were administered. He showed only slight response to our efforts and slipped away yesterday. RIP little Quincy.

The other turtles that came in around the same time as Quincy continue to improve. In the photo below number 5 and number 6 are shown swimming around prior to their morning feeding.

Progress in the our hospital continues daily. Below are three additional tanks that will be used for special cases or to isolate animals for medical or other reasons. The tank farthest away in this photo is full of water while the other two await final pluming details before water will be introduced. Behind each tank are individualized and isolated life support systems.

Thanks for your interest in stranded sea turtles! We will do our best to keep you updated as more turtles arrive.

- Connie

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  1. Sorry to read about little Quincy, but glad to hear how others respond. Keep up the good work.