More Turtles Go to Baltimore

Yesterday, Adam, rescue volunteer Kady, and I took a trip to Norwood Memorial Airport to put 6 more Kemp's ridley sea turtles on a plane to the National Aquarium in Baltimore (NAIB). NAIB was kind enough to take these extra turtles (they took 5 turtles a few weeks ago, which you can read about here) and arrange for the Civil Air Patrol to fly them down.

In the above photo on the left, I transfer a turtle from the ambulance to the plane. It was starting to snow so we had to move the turtles fast. On the right, Adam hands a turtle to the pilot John for placement in the plane.

John then secured the 6 turtles in the plane. He seems to be a pro at this now. Thank you John and Mollie from the Civil Air Patrol for all your help!

And off they go...

You can read about how these turtles are doing on NAIB's blog here.


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