What a difference a couple of weeks make in Rescue.

It has been a few weeks since the last release and things around the clinic in Quincy have slowed down tremendously.

Our 24 foot tank before the VA release. 

After the release. The turtles that are left have  a lot more room to spread their flippers. 

Healthy weaned harbor seal pup hanging out in Hull about a week ago! But that's a post for another time.

We have eight turtles still in rehab. These turtles had not been cleared medically for release when the last transport left. But in the past few weeks some more turtles have been cleared for the next release.

Head on shot of Gambit
13 Gambit: Cleared for release!

Dazzler's intake photo. Wait til you see the turtle now.
16 Dazzler: Cleared for release!

Examining Cyclops' plastron.
17 Cyclops: Cleared for release!

Venom is looking at the camera. Cyclops is positioned away. I believe that's Zan trying to hide under the barrel!
37 Venom: Cleared for release!

Robin peering out from the "kelp/turtle grass bed" enrichment.
38 Robin: Cleared for release!

Thor coming up for a quick breath!

46 Thor: One more blood analysis and set of radiographs. Release pending.

Daredevil relaxing at the bottom of the pool.
61 Daredevil: Cleared for release!

Zan undergoing a CT scan at Mass Vet Referral Hospital in Woburn MA.
33 Zan: Still undergoing some clinical evaluations. Release Pending.

We hope to get all of the turtles out once the waters in our area warm up enough. As long as everything goes well the rescue tanks should be empty by mid-August!


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