Bye, Bye Biscuits

Biscuits gets hefted out of her tank in preparation for her transport.

Caring for a 200-poung loggerhead turtle wasn't easy. Every time the Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue Team staff had to do an exam or procedure on Biscuits, they needed five or six people to lift her out of her tank and move her to the clinic.

Getting Biscuits on her way back to the ocean was a team effort, too: Rescue staff, NOAA staff, a volunteer pilot from LightHawk and staff from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center worked together to get Biscuits back home.

The LightHawk plane with Biscuits aboard heads to Georgia.

The team from WBUR's The Animalist went along to document the trip. Here's the video from The Animalist.

See more pictures and video of her flapping back into the Atlantic Ocean after her release last month after her rehabilitation with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. It's scenes like this that make hefting 200-pound turtles during months of rehabilitation all worth it!

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