More 2013 turtles on their way home!

As staff are busy preparing for the upcoming release, guest bloggers Deborah and Liz will fill you in on several turtles being released this week.

Kaboom receiving one of his final exams for rehabilitation!

After nine long months of rehabilitation Poppy Porcupine (#41), Cheeri O’ Leary (#42), Kaboom (#67), and Honey Combs (#16) are set to be released off the coast of Maryland this Friday! It takes a tremendous effort from the rescue team to ensure that these animals recover from the conditions of cold stun and disease. Every animal that enters the NEAQ rehab facility has their own story and their own vast oceans to swim to reach recovery, but thankfully for most the end result is a victorious reunion with the salty seas.

Poppy Porcupine and Cheeri O’Leary were two of the smallest turtles of the 2013-2014 season when they entered the facility in November.

 BEFORE: Poppy Porcupine (1.75kg)

AFTER: Poppy Porcupine during a routine daily exam

BEFORE: Cheeri O’Leary (1.15kg)

AFTER: Cheery O'Leary during a recent routine daily exam

Currently weighing in at 3.95kg and4.50 kg, Poppy Porcupine and Cheery O'Leary both have more than doubled their initial weight!

At 4.90kg, Kaboom is feeling feisty and ready to go back to her home in the big blue.

Kaboom was a particularly worrisome case when she arrived back in November, cold stunned and riddled with severe pneumonia that seemed a near impossible hurdle for the little 2.35 kg turtle to leap. Despite the odds Kaboom has made a full recovery. Read about some of her treatments and recovery.

BEFORE: Honey Combs

Honey Combs during treatment

AFTER: Eight months later and Honey Comb is another triumphant turtle
ready to surf 
the waves of Maryland with all four flippers!
Honey Combs was another victim of a severe case of pneumonia. Due to the severity and persistence of the pneumonia two months after admission to the facility, the turtle underwent a bronchoscopy. During that procedure a biopsy of the infected tissue was taken.

Stay tuned for more news about the release!

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