2014 Turtles: So It Begins!

So it begins. Our 2014 Cape Cod Bay cold-stun season appears to be starting with a bang! In the past two days we have admitted nine live Kemp's ridley sea turtles which brings our total to eleven turtles in house. Read the recent media release announcing the start of the 2014 cold-stun season.

NEST-14-011-Lk Entrance Photo

Here is an update on the four brought up yesterday and the two that came in earlier last week.

NEST -14-009-Lk

NEST -14-009-Lk

NEST -14-009-Lk

The above series of photos is NEST -14-009-Lk. (Quick side note, none of the turtles have been named yet. Since these turtles are in such critical condition when they arrive we want to ensure the turtle's survival. We also like to allow the team that intakes the turtle the chance to name it.) As you can see in the last photo of 009, this turtle has a laceration to the right front flipper. It also has a fracture to the carapace and the plastron. Hard to say for sure what may have caused such injuries.


Checking mouth for sand and debris on NEST-14–010-Lk

Above, NEST-14-010-Lk gets its intake. We look inside the mouth to make sure it is free of sand, debris, and foreign objects such as hooks and line.

A couple of intake photos of NEST-14-011-Lk.

Intake photos of NEST-14-011-Lk.


NEST-14-012-Lk with a bruised plastron

Above NEST-14-012-Lk with a bruised plastron. This is one of the common ailments we see on our ridleys.



The turtle above came from Martha's Vineyard. NEST-14-006-Lk is already swimming in a big tank and doing well. Has shown interest in food but is not eating yet.



NEST-14-007-Lk, one of our smallest admits yet. Weighing in at a mere 1.3kg. Its also in the big tank swimming around with 006. But, this little critter is already eating!

Below, are some photos of the turtle season thus far. 

006 and 007 are being monitored during their swim. In the first few days of rehab the turtles are watched closely to make sure they are strong enough to stay swimming in the small pools.

006 is being gently placed in the large pool by our intern Sydney. Good work 006!

Once swimming consecutively for at least 24hrs the turtles are offered small bits of herring and squid. 

Although 006 bit at some food the turtle never ate it. Not to worry, it sometimes can take several days to get a turtle to eat.

When the turtles first arrive they are given subcutaneous fluid depending on what their bloodwork shows.

010, 011 and 012 all swimming in the small pools at 65˚F today.

009 swimming in a small pool at 65˚F today.

Here's looking at a possible big season. Stay tuned...

— Adam

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