2014 Turtles: To be Released this Weekend

In the next few days we will be releasing 24 turtles off the coast of Georgia this weekend.

Meet some of the lucky ones.

Great Horned Owl:

Above photos: These were taken about two weeks after the turtle was admitted. You can see the dead skin on the the head and flippers.

Above: Most of the skin has healed. Still a small granulated bit on the turtles rostrum. But, this turtle is ready to go back to the ocean!

Another turtle ready to go is Great Black Backed Gull:

 On the left is the intake pictures for the turtle. The right side is the turtle's release photos. Notice the turtle's shoulder and inguinal areas. This turtle has gained a good amount of weight.

We also have Great Blue Heron on the release list. The smallest turtle for this release.


You can really see the dramatic difference six months of rehabilitation has had on this turtle.

All of these turtles will be released this weekend. Stay tuned for release photos!


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