Turtle x-rays

This photo shows a radiograph (x-ray image) of one of our cold-stunned Kemp's ridley turtles. His name is Casper, and he was admitted to the hospital after being found stranded on a Cape Cod beach. He has been here for about two weeks. His initial x-rays showed that his digestive tract was not functioning normally, so we are now doing a "contrast study."

We used a feeding tube to introduce a liquid called barium into his esophagus. The barium shows up as a bright white area on radiographs, so we can follow the barium over time as it travels through his digestive system. This image shows the barium in the C-shaped part of his stomach. We are hoping that the barium moves all the way through his system and is eventually expelled. This will tell us that he does not have a blockage or other serious problems.

- Dr. Innis

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