Update: Turtle on a ventilator

Bruce is no longer on a ventilator. He's swimming and eating well.

This is an update for the post from December 17. The loggerhead turtle that was on a ventilator has turned the corner and is doing pretty well. We have named him Bruce. He is now happily swimming under water. He has just recently become strong enough to stay in the pool 24 hours per day. He is quite hungry and is eating well. We are treating him with antibiotics and several other drugs to protect his digestive system.

For the first few days after he arrived here he was passing foul-smelling, decomposing tissue from his digestive system. We think the medications are working well and we are hoping that his digestive system will be able to heal.

We have recently sent several of our loggerhead turtles (including the featured blog turtles Santa and Jupiter) to the Riverhead Foundation, Long Island, New York for further rehabilitation. More updates will follow soon.

- Dr. Innis

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