Injured seal update: Photos from treatment at the University of New England

Hi all,

Back on November 5, I blogged about a stranded seal on Humarock Beach with facial injuries. The staff at the University of New England (UNE) recently sent photos of this animal and a medical update.

Upon initial exam, the UNE staff treated an approximately 3.5 inch long laceration on the animal's lower jaw. They also found several lesions around the mouth, which were cleaned and treated. The laceration was the source of all the blood you saw in the initial post.

These photos were taken by the UNE staff using the remote camera system in the rehabilitation bay where this seal is recovering.

The photo above is not the greatest quality but it does show the partially healed injury to the lower jaw.

Seriously people, how cute is this photo! As you can see the seal is sticking out his tongue, while sleeping.

According to our colleagues at UNE this animal is also recovering from a respiratory infection. The animal is on antibiotics and is showing positive signs of improvements.

- Connie


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  1. I am Don who contacted you about this guy. Many friends have asked me what happened to the Humarock seal. Thank you for this post.Please keep us posted on any changes and of course when he has his "Independence Day".