How many biologists does it take to treat a loggerhead?

Acadia as she is removed from her rehabilitation tank for treatment.

At least twice a week we bring out Acadia, the loggerhead sea turtle, for treatments. She has some superficial skin lesions on her leading edge of the front flippers. This is often seen in cold-stunned sea turtles after they are returned to their proper temperature.

Some of the skin sloughed off and under microscopic examination we noticed some bacterial rods. This finding prompting the veterinarians to start her on an antibiotic. Her blood work also still shows some minor anemia so we also have been giving her a shot of iron as well.

Bacterial rods under microscopy

Unlike the smaller sea turtles we normally admit to our sea turtle clinic, ones that are easily handled by one person, Acadia requires a team. I am told eight is the optimal number but we can get by with five in a pinch.

Putting her back in is not as hard as getting her out!



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  1. Hi Guys:

    She looks great. Three cheers for the NE Aquarium Rescue and Rehab Team. You guys are great.

    We'll be up in Boston on Saturday. Maybe we will stop by for a visit.