Acadia makes a big splash!

Acadia made a big splash yesterday as she headed on into the Sea Turtle Recovery Room's smaller tank. [The space that housed the Sea Turtle Recovery Room is now The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank. Rescued sea turtles are now cared for at the new, much larger Animal Care Clinic in Quincy.] We had multiple news agencies here to share the experience.

But before going into the tank we wanted to make sure we were able to get some tagging done. While Acadia was still a bit lethargic and not feeling 100% we determined that it would be the best time to PIT and Inconel tag this turtle. These procedures are difficult with the small turtles with animal of this size we would have gotten our butts kicked if she was in a fighting mood!

We also gave more fluids to help with the minor electrolyte imbalance and gave an injection of iron to help with her slight anemia. Then we rolled her out of the Aquarium Medical Center over to the tank she will be calling home for a while.

With cameras rolling and lights flashing she was placed into the pool and gave a good splash with her right front flipper.

After a couple of hours of swimming she gave us a great present of a large bowel movement! This is wonderful news because it means that her intestinal tract is highly unlikely to have an impaction and under microscopic observation there were no signs of parasites.

Here's a movie that shows photos of her rescue and video of us transferring her into the recovery room:




  1. This is awesome. You guys are the best.


  2. Great job everyone!! I love those beautiful Sea Turtles, thank you for all your hard work!! Especially you Adam!! You are the best!!

  3. I would just like to leave this comment to show my appreciation for what you guys do. Living in Florida and working in an aquarium I know first hand the dangers sea turtle encounter everyday and I completely love you guys for what you do.