Farewell to 4 More Turtles

This week we transported 4 Kemp's ridley sea turtles to Wood's Hole Science Aquarium (WHSA). It was time to make more space for our growing turtles.

The photo above on the left shows #64, 'Ursa', during his intake exam. He had an eye injury and was on triple antibiotic ointment to treat it. The photo on the right is 'Ursa' during his exit exam. The eye looks perfectly fine now.

In the above left photo is #107, 'Venus', during his intake exam in early December. Notice the algae covering his head. All that algae, which was also on his carapace, had been cleaned off and he is ready for his exit photo shoot on the right.

#63, 'Carina', also made the journey to WHSA this week. The above photos are from his exit exam. We do a full exam, including measurements and photos, before they get transported.

Rachel, an aquarist from WHSA, and I posed for a photo with #91, 'Adrastea', who also went down to Wood's Hole. The photo on the right shows the turtles boxed up and ready for the drive. We broke out the banana boxes again for the transport...I haven't seen those in a while.

We all brought the turtles out to the car and said our farewells. These turtles will finish the rehabilitation process down in Wood's Hole. You can follow their progress on WHSA's facebook page. Thank you Rachel and WHSA for taking care of these endangered species!

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