Sea Turtles travel to Florida for release!

Hi all,

I haven't been good about blogging lately however yesterday we had a big day here at the sea turtle hospital! We carefully packed a van full of sea turtles for a trip to warmer waters. Adam Kennedy and Dr. Innis drove the animals straight to Florida for a fantastic release back into the great blue ocean.

Below are photos of the team of staff and dedicated volunteers who came in early to remove the animals from their tanks and get them situated for the trip.

In the photos above Kurt and Alexandra check over a Kemp's ridley before putting him in his transport box.

In the photo below Dr. Innis and Kurt remove the loggerhead from his tank. [Read about the treatment of this loggerhead here.]

Kurt and Alexandra prepare to administer fluids to the loggerhead prior to transport. This loggerhead is actually going to the Virginia Aquarium until he is ready for release.

In the photos above Mary, Alexandra and Pat, prepare the turtles for transport by lubricating the shells and skin of each turtle. This keeps them moist for the trip.

The photos above show the van packed and almost ready to depart for the warm waters of Florida!

Adam and Dr. Innis reported from the road that the trip went well ... stay tuned for photos of the release from Adam after they have rested up from the long drive!


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  1. I just love following your blog and thoroughly appreciate your descriptive status updates. They are enlightening, educational and heartwarming. Thank you!