Sea turtle release in pictures

This is Dipper. This turtle was brought to us from the Mystic Aquarium during the cold-stun when Skip and Janelle were helping out (see the post here). Now this little one is off the coast of Florida terrorizing crabs I'm sure!

Dipper heading back to the Atlantic Ocean

Read more about the transport to Florida in this post and this post. Here are some more photos from the journey.

During the trip down we had to stop and lube up the turtles to make sure they didn't get dry. Dr. Charles Innis did a great job rearranging the totes. Above right is one of the NAIB turtles.

As we bring the turtles down to the beach Dr. Innis makes sure they stay cool 
with some refreshing 72F Atlantic water.

The first group of turtles were the Wood's Hole turtles. "Carina" "Adrastea" and "Ursa." You can see before and after photos of their treatment in this post. They were not too excited to go in the water at first so they had to be moved a little closer and were joined by one of the University of New England (UNE) turtles. That turtle was ST-10-144 we did not name the turtle as it went to UNE fairly quickly after intake. Asheley from UNE told me the name was North Star.

Off they go!

Now for the other two UNE turtles. Dr. Innis and Dr. Candace Carter from the National Park Service get to do the honors. MARC-10-110 on the Left is "Pollux" and MARC-10-111 is "Apollo" 

Now for the 2010 New England Aquarium turtles. I am not 100 percent sure which photos have which turtles so the list is: Equinox, Desdemona, Cordelia, Cressida, Portia, Borealis, Aurora, Betelgeuse, Kepler, Thebe, Metis, Carpo, Titan, and last but not least my little window buddy Tres-4!

There they go! Can you still see the turtle?

Now for Amistad! This turtle came in with the 2009 cold-stun! Due to a lameness issue the sea turtle was unable to be released.

Good Luck Amistad. We will miss you!

They're all gone. Not to worry Charlie we still have 25 turtles back in Quincy.

Photo of the group left to right Krystan Wilkinson a superstar 2009 Summer intern. Dr. Candace Carter (NPS), a gentlemen from Fall River walking the beach who helped with the release, Patty Geuder, Dr. Charlie Innis, Neal Folsom, Kip Hulverston, and Richard Tucker.

They made me get in the photo. I am at the end on the left. (This one's for you Maurice!)

Besides the gentleman from Fall River (if you see this blog please comment) the only other non official personnel to wish the turtles good luck were this group of birds. It was a beautiful day.


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  1. Absolutely love the pictures and what you guys do! Made me tear up, adore turtles...would have loved to be there to see that one! Bless you all,take care ;-)