Pictures from Sea Turtle Trek: Swim, turtles, swim!

The New England Aquarium's rescue team just completed an East Coast endangered species express, bringing around 50 rescued sea turtles to sunny Florida for release. Stay tuned right here for more pictures and information about the Sea Turtle Trek, follow us on Facebook and be sure to track #SeaTurtleTrek on TwitterTumblrGoogle+ and Instagram.

Click here to track their progress, live location updates from the road!

And here's what we've all been waiting for...the turtles have been released! A heartwarming success for three species of endangered turtles. Safe travels, turtles.

Three Kemp's ridley turtles return to the wild ocean.

Getting ready to enter the big blue!

Aquarium biologist and satellite tracker guru Adam Kennedy carries a turtle for release.

With 52 turtles to release, the rescue teams had to do the releases in batches. That's right, 52 turtles!

Even more turtles in boxes ready for their release.

Aquarium rescue team member Kerry McNally prepares to release a turtle—on camera. 

Several turtles were released at one time—what an amazing sight.

Thanks to so, so many: National Aquarium in Baltimore, University of New England at Biddeford, National Marine Life Center, Riverhead Foundation, Virginia Aquarium and the South Carolina Aquarium teams... just to name a few.

The trek and release was also covered by media up and down the East Coast: 
The Boston Globe
CBS Channel 4
The Patriot Ledger
The Baltimore Sun
The Huffington Post
Latinos Post
The Florida Times Union
Action News in Jacksonville
... and many more.     

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  1. Three cheers for NEAQ and their hard working rescue team!