The Return of the Loggerheads

New England Aquarium Rescue Staff and Volunteers had the pleasure to take a trip up to the University of New England (UNE) Marine Animal Rehabilitation and Conservation program (MARC) to pick up and conduct a health study on four cold-stun loggerhead sea turtles that have been housed there over the winter for rehabilitation. 

These four loggerheads were admitted to NEAq last year suffering from cold stunning. At the time, we were inundated with cold stun sea turtles and running out of space. UNE MARC was ever so gracious in lending a helping hand, they agreed to take the loggerheads and to see to their rehabilitation. Now the four loggerheads have made a journey back to the Aquarium, where they will complete the rest of their rehab and be released in the near future. Take a look below to see a successful collaborative effort between NEAq and MARC!
NEAq staff and volunteers prepare to take samples and data for a health study. 

MARC volunteers prepare to remove "Maple" from the tank. 

"Maple" emerges.

NEAq staff take blood from each loggerhead for a health study. 

Heart rates are taken on all the loggerheads with a use of a fetal Doppler. 

NEAq staff run blood assays on each loggerhead. 

NEAq and MARC volunteers work together to document time and behavior of the loggerheads.

Once the turtles have been pulled from the tanks and have undergone a health study, they are taken out in a kennel and placed in the SUV for transport to NEAq. 

"Maple" takes a deep sigh while waiting to be placed back into the water at NEAq. 

A HUGE thank you goes out to UNE MARC for all their help and support! 

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