2014 Turtles: Some snapshot of our patients

Just when we thought this year's stranding season couldn't get any bigger, any more massive, we get another shipment of 40 cold-stunned sea turtles (that happened on Monday). The volunteers in Wellfleet are doing still putting in long hours and long walks looking for stranded turtles. And here at the Animal Care Center, we are managing with the help of volunteers and seasoned staff to diagnose, treat, feed and care for turtles. 

Some of the turtles engage with people on the other side of the glass, others not as much

Currently we're caring for 160 turtles. More than 600 have been treated since stranding season started, but many of those turtles have been transported to other facilities on the East Coast for rehabilitation—thanks to our rescue partners and generous donations from private donors and the Coast Guard

So until we can regale you with interesting cases and the routine of rehabilitating endangered species, here's a quick look at some of the turtles in our care.

A Kemp's ridley swims with others in its holding pen

Take a gander at the numbers on these turtles: 612, 640, 668.
These are numbers we haven't ever seen before.

So many turtles!

If you see a stranded turtle on Cape Cod, please cover it with a layer of seaweed, mark it and call Mass Audubon at Wellfleet Bay at 508-349-2615. These are endangered turtles so every one you save counts a lot! Another way to help is by supporting the Aquarium and our rescue efforts. Thank you.

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