2014 Turtles: Early Morning Transport

As of mid-December, more than 700 turtles have been treated at the Aquarium's Animal Care Center in Quincy. In order to make room for new patients, we've had to transport turtles to many facilities up and down the East Coast and Gulf Coast.

This morning, we had a crew of dedicated staff and volunteers on the scene well before the sun came up. Each turtle needs to be gentle scooped up from their holding pen, given a quick checkup and then tucked into their transport banana box. Here's a look.

83 turtles headed south to Gulfport, Mississippi for the long months of rehabilitation ahead. That's thanks to another tremendous transport by the U.S. Coast Guard. Meanwhile, there are still more than 70 in the pens and pools at our facility.

Stay tuned for more about the care that goes into nursing these animals back to health.

Catch up on some recent turtle news:

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