2015 Turtles: Turtle Trek (Part 1)

On Saturday, members of the Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue Team awoke early and prepared more than a dozen turtles for an epic road trip down the East Coast from Quincy, MA, to warmer waters down south. These sea turtles were among the very last patients from our second busiest turtle rescue season. And they were on their way home.

Here are a couple scenes from that early morning send-off.

Volunteers scoop turtles from their rehab pens for their last exams.

Each turtle is given a last dose of fluids and layer
of ointment to keep their skin moist while out of the water.

Then the turtles are nestled into banana boxes for the journey.

Each banana box has a comfy, clean towel lining the bottom.

Turtles lined up and ready to go.

Shipping out!

Precious cargo

Safe travels, little one!

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