2015 Turtles: Turtle trek to Florida (Part 2)

See Part 1 of this turtle trek, preparations for an epic road trip!

While Bostonians were shrugging snow off their shoulders on Monday, the turtle rescue team was curling their toes in Florida sands as their flippered patients shambled toward the ocean. Today marked a milestone in the second largest turtle rescue season on record at the New England Aquarium. With the exception of a few of the sickest patients, the last of our patients from 2015 have returned to the ocean!

Sea turtles head home.
Here are a few scenes from this morning's rescue in Florida.

Turtles in the banana boxes ready for release
A park ranger and Aquarium rescuer release a turtle together. 
And they're off!
This is what it's all about!
After the road trip, Julika prepares to release a turtle.

Ranger Alison Conboy releases a turtle
Kemp's ridley turtles heading down the beach
A hybrid turtle heads towards the water
A Kemp's ridley turtle going home
A Kemp's ridley turtle swims deeper
Swimming off into the sunrise

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