The Aquarium's Rescue Team visits the Georgia Aquarium

Hi all,

Reporting after a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Unfortunately, we arrived a lot later than anticipated and had trouble parking the giant cargo van in the city, so we only had time for a quick visit. When we arrived, we met staff veterinarian Aimee Berliner for a behind-the-scenes tour. First we headed off to see the medical facilities. As we know all too well here at the New England Aquarium, treating aquatic animals requires specialized equipment and treatment areas. Next we viewed the beluga holding area and a fantastic coral tank. We were running short on time at this point as the Aquarium was about to close, so Aimee released us into the public areas so we could have a look at the Ocean Voyager Tank.

As the staff were preparing to close the building, Kate was able to snap a few quick shots as we were making our way out.

Thanks all for reading about our adventures here in the South. Visiting other facilities is important for information exchange and maintaining strong relationships with colleagues in the aquarium and zoo community.

- Connie


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