Update on Orion the Kemp's ridley turtle

This is an update on our Kemp's ridley turtle named Orion. Orion developed pneumonia several months ago. I am happy to report that Orion is getting better. This week Orion went for another CT scan to recheck his lungs. His right lung is still not normal, but it is improving, and we think that the infection is gone. We stopped his antibiotics yesterday, and we will monitor him carefully over the next few weeks. He will have one more CT scan in June. If that looks good we will make plans to release him this summer. Thanks to the staff at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine for helping with Orion's CT scan!
In this image, his right lung is on your left. The lungs are the darker areas just below the top of the shell. You can see that the right lung has some white streaks in it, which indicates thickening of the tissue in response to pneumonia.

-Dr. Innis

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