Iceman is a Kemp's ridley sea turtle that arrived to the New England Aquarium on November 20th 2008. The turtle stranded in Eastham at Cole Road Landing. Overall the turtle was not too bad off. You can see above what it looked like upon arrival with the dried algae covering the majority of the carapace (top part of the shell) dehydrated and emaciated all symptoms of cold-stunning, which is the primary reason for this turtle stranding.

Why Iceman?

Goose our green sea turtle arrived on the same day as Iceman. Goose... Iceman... Top Gun anybody?
Goose was actually named after the gooseneck barnacles on the carapace. Iceman's name stuck!

This turtle was also transported to the University of New England Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center during the cold-stun season. This turtle came back to the New England aquarium when we opened the Sea Turtle Recovery Room. [The space that housed the Sea Turtle Recovery Room is now The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank. Rescued sea turtles are now cared for at the new, much larger Animal Care Clinic in Quincy.]

This turtle is doing great! Swimming and eating well, you can currently see this turtle with Casper in the right hand side window of the recovery room.

Hint: When trying to see the turtles in their underwater windows of the recovery room, if you don't see them swimming around or in one of their hideaways look to the bottom left corner; they like to rest there.


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