Giving Thanks for... Turtles!

It was a slow day in the turtle hospital today. No new turtles to report, although I was secretly hoping for a day like last year (see post here). I was still happy to spend the day with the five Kemp's ridley sea turtles we do have at the Animal Care Center in Quincy.

I came in this morning and checked on 'Doomsday' (#9) who has been suffering from severe anemia. He was still swimming well and bloodwork showed some improvement. Our wonderful volunteers, Erin, Kat, Sarah, and Zel, met me this morning to help out. The turtles need their Thanksgiving meal too! We spent the morning doing some treatments and bloodwork, feeding, and lots of cleaning of course.

I caught 'Rorschach' (#10) and 'Bishop' (#11) resting in the tank like this. They seem to have joined forces as tank-mates.

Since last Thanksgiving was extremely busy with record numbers of turtles stranding, most of us missed our Thanksgiving festivities. This year we decided to bring the holiday to the Animal Care Center and we had our first annual Quincy Thanksgiving.

Above, Dr. Cavin cuts the turkey. We were mostly prepared but had no cutting boards... for humans at least. We'll add that to the list for next year, but Dr. Cavin made it work. Thank you Dr. Cavin for organizing this get together!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in Quincy!

And from the turtles too!


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  1. ehh do care about sting rays and shark too?.. in Philippines they are just sold ind the market!!1