More Supernaturals Battle the Cold

We've been bracing ourselves for incoming turtles, but only two more have joined the super crew already at the Animal Care Center. Last weekend Doomsday (#9) and Rorschach (#10), both Kemp's ridley turtles, made their appearance in Quincy.

Doomsday came in in decent condition. He had a barnacle on his chin and was very alert. He swam well in the kiddy pool. A special thanks to the volunteers who drove the turtle up the same afternoon (photo below right show the volunteers swimming the turtle after his intake exam).

Rorschach was in much rougher shape. He came in with many abrasions on his flippers and plastron almost giving him a mottled appearance. He battled a low glucose in his first few days but is swimming and eating great on his own now. The photo below on the left is #10 at intake and the photo on the right is both #9 and #10 swimming in the tanks after eating very well.

We also have a new addition that came in today, #11, also a Kemp's ridley. The below photos are #11 during his intake.

Will #11 be a hero or a villain? Only time will tell.


Learn more about the 2011 rescued turtles
So far, the heroes and villains theme has also named turtles Nightcrawler and Jack O'Lantern. These turtles will be treated until they are well enough for release into the wild, then they will be returned to the ocean in warmer waters. See photos of a recent release in this post. Caring for all the turtles is a big job, and any way you can help is appreciated.

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