A Hero Joins the Fray!

Above is our newest Kemp's ridley Nightcrawler!

We received another Kemp's ridley yesterday bringing our count to two. This one was a mere 25 centimeters but was very alert and responsive.

Carapace with barnacles on the left. To the right is the small wound we found on the plastron.

The major problems that we encountered for this turtle were some barnacles on the carapace and a small older wound on the plastron.

Above one of our volunteers Mary is placing the turtle in for a second swim.

After triage the turtle was placed into the kiddie pool for a quick swim to help rehydrate, loosen sand and salt, and help kill epibionts (seaweed, barnacles) on the shell.

Swim turtle swim! Above the turtle is really active during one of its first swims. A very good sign that this turtle should do okay!

Oh by the way our other ridley is doing pretty good too. For all of you facebookers and tweeters out there we decided to name this ridley...

Jack O'Lantern!

Above is Jack O'Lantern (Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man issue 56, and several other villians from Marvel and DC)



  1. You are so awesome in the work that you do in helping out our Shelled Sea Friends. Just wonderful work.

  2. I am trying to figure out what you need to do, but your FB posts cannot be read against your background color...not enough contrast. Maybe there is a setting you can change for the font color. Keep up the great work..always like to read the stories about the turtles.

  3. Oh you're right! Thanks for pointing this out, Candi. We're working on some fixes and will hopefully have this corrected soon.