The Coolest Super Turtles of All

Everyone's favorite superheroes are in Quincy this year! Of course, the coolest of all are Superman and Batman!

Above is Batman, #56! Batman, a Kemp's ridley sea turtle, made his appearance at the Animal Care Center on December 18 (photo on left). Perhaps his enemy Mr. Freeze had a hand in his stranding? But wait, Mr. Freeze is in Quincy too... #49, so maybe it wasn't him. Batman was fighting against hypoglycemia and potential kidney disease, but he seems to have won that battle for now. We are monitoring this turtle closely and he is just starting to eat. (Image above right from comicmegastore.com)

Superman, #60, stranded on December 20. Cold water seems to be his kryptonite. Superman likes to glide on the surface of the water as though he was flying through the air. He is probably one of our more critical turtles at this point with gastrointestinal problems. We are still working on getting him to eat so that he will be stronger. (Above image on right from superman.wikia.com)

(Above image from comicvine.com)

Also introducing...

Thor, #46, is probably are most spastic turtle as you can see in the photo above. Thor also has pneumonia and currently gets an oral antifungal in his food daily. You can see Thor protecting his tank mates in this news article here.

Perhaps Spiderman will make an appearance in Quincy next time.

And my plug for Wonderwoman... Vote for her to complete the Trinity! It's a wonder that this turtle survived into 2012! (UPDATE: The voting poll for this turtle is closed. The winner was announced here.)

(Above image from dccomics.com)


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