Help Name Our Newest Rescued Sea Turtle!

 Happy New Year Folks!

2012 is only a few days underway and the New England Aquarium's Rescue and Rehab. Department has already made history! Not a bad start so far.

On January 2, a cold-stunned loggerhead sea turtle was delivered to the Animal Care Center in Quincy. From the time when the rescue department was established in 1968, this is the first time we've had a live, cold-stunned sea turtle stranding after January 1! By this time of year, the temperature is typically too cold for any remaining turtles to survive. This turtle has beaten the odds, and we want the loyal followers and supporters to be a part of it!

In typical loggerhead fashion, this turtle is often seen resting on the bottom of his/her tank. Now weighing just under 50 pounds, this loggerhead turtle is in its juvenile life stages. As an adult, this turtle could weight up to 400 pounds!

This is the second loggerhead we now have at the rescue center. This turtle will soon join Juggernaut in the large tank as we like to pair sea turtles of the same species together.

As you all know, the naming theme for this years batch of turtles is comic book heroes and villains. Each of the staff here in the Rescue Team has chosen a name they felt would be appropriate for our record setting turtle. Now you guys and gals need to do the rest. Cast your vote in the comments section, and the name with the most votes wins! (UPDATE: Poll is closed. Winner announced here.)

Adam's Choice: BEAST
One of the original X-Men, Beast is a mutant that possesses superhuman strength, agility, as well as heightened senses.
(image from superherouniverse.com)

Kurt's Choice: THE FLASH
The fastest man alive with super-human speed and reflexes. Can travel at speeds fast enough to travel through time!
(image from allabouttheflash.com)

Katie's Choice: ELEKTRA
A female ninja assasin, Elektra can be seen in the Daredevil series of comics. A strong willed female mercenary, her trademark weapon of choice are two sai.
(image from Marvel.com)

Kerry's Choice: WONDER WOMAN
The original heroine! Her superpowers include superhuman speed, stamina, and the ability of flight!
(image from fanpop.com)

Connie's Choice: MISS BIANCA
A wholesome heroine from Disney's The Rescuers, she is known to be adventurous and daring. She is also known to possess a strong sense of duty when it comes to her position with the Rescue Aid Society.
(image from findingmickey.com)

(UPDATE: The naming contest has ended. The poll closed on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Want to know which name won? Click here.)

Thanks for your help,

This super-turtle already seems to be on the road to recovery. Learn about its first meal in this post.


  1. How about Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael or Michelangelo? ;-)

  2. Is the turle male or female?

  3. To anonymous: At this age we can not tell the sex of any of our turtles.

  4. Beast... by description it is fitting.

  5. I think you should name her Lola.....Or Betty Boop...

  6. Beast is a perfect name because only a "Beast" could survive the conditions this poor baby did to make it!

  7. Should be named Woody from toy story. A leader and appropriate for a loggerhead!

  8. Mr.Freeze is fitting since he endured the cold water temperatures and is the 1st of his kind after January.

  9. Perhaps Innu, in honour of the native people of the frozen north?