All Hands on Deck

Loyal readers of the Rescue Team blog may have noticed that the team is not posting blogs as frequently as they usually do. This season they've had more than 150 turtles come through their doors, so they're pretty busy. This guest post was written by Ann Cortissoz, a member of the Marketing and Communications department who is volunteering in Quincy.

The Marine Animal Rescue Team staff and volunteers are pros at taking care of large numbers of cold-stunned, stranded turtles. But this season, with more than 150 turtles, the Rescue Team had to send out a call for help. Many of us who work on Central Wharf have been making the trek down to Quincy to lend a hand, and many of the Team's colleagues from other rescue organizations are helping out as well.

The busy treatment room at the Aquarium's turtle hospital in Quincy.

Left: Susan Thompson, from the Aquarium's Development department, feeding the turtles. Right: Jane Hoppe, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, holds a rescued turtle while Erin Weber, from the Aquarium's Marine Mammals department, gives it an injection.

Bess Edwards, with the Aquarium's Conservation department, holds a green sea turtle during exams. 

Laura Dill, from the Aquarium's Development department, helps net a patient for a treatment. 

 Sarah (foreground), from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and Julika (background), a biologist from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, help conduct turtle exams.

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