Photos from Turtle Rescue Season: Towels for Turtles!

The Rescue Team will be posting details about the transports and treatments at the Animal Care Center in the days and weeks ahead. In the meantime, we'll be sharing pictures and video of the activity at the sea turtle hospital so you can have a feel for the action during this incredibly busy year—150 live turtles treated so far, and still counting!

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a huge difference—like fresh towels. That's right, plain old terry cloth bath towels! When we're treating turtles, we go through a lot of towels.

Notice the two towels used during this exam. As soon as one gets soiled, which is often, we switch it out for a new one.

We use the towels to cover our exam tables. We use them make the turtles comfy during check-ups. We use them to pad transport boxes when the turtles are shipped to other facilities. And we use them to dry our hands, which are constantly dipping in and out of pool where the turtles are exercising.

Laundry can add up. We fill two to three barrels a day with dirty towels. 

Our friends at the MSPCA quietly and profoundly made our lives easier one day when they stopped by with a batch of fresh towels. Not only that, they lugged the piles of dirty laundry we'd accumulated off-site to wash. They returned the next day with the clean towels ready to help during turtle exams. Deb from the MSPCA also worked with friends at the Turkish Towel Company to donate a car-load of new towels to the Animal Care Center.

Angela, Audrey, Frank and Matt from The Turkish Towel Company packed a car-load of fresh towels that were donated to the Animal Care Center. 
Left to right: Ulrika Malone, Kim and Deb Sullivan (MSPCA volunteers), Rescue volunteer Kali Pereira, Rescue volunteer Terry Rogers and Laura Dill

Thank you! And thanks to everyone who has supported us during this busy stretch—through your time, through donations, through encouragement on the blogs and Aquarium social media and much much more.

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