Florida Turtle Event - Day 3

Hi all,

Another busy day down here in Florida. Adam and I started our day at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. We worked with the Center staff on medical treatments and performed diagnostics on the turtles in their care. We had to work fast since we knew there was a shipment of cold stunned arriving at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center at 4:00PM.

We created a system where the animals were numbered and photographed as they went to the intake station. At the intake station they received a full physical exam and blood was collected. From there the blood was run instantly and medical plans were written by the attending veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Mette. A team of medical professionals prepared the prescribed medications, which then went to one of the three treatment teams.

28 animals is a lot to assess in one day, not to mention Gumbo already has a high number of patients. Everything ran smoothly and the animals benefited from the preparation and organization of the Gumbo staff.

This was a long day and tomorrow will likely be the same. All these new turtles will be treated and examined again tomorrow, along with all the others.

- Connie


  1. they are doing fantastic job i like it very much thanks for sharing this useful and informative posting with us..

  2. my best wishes for you, Adam & the Florida crews. wish I could help. makes 1999 sound like a breeze.