Turtle elevator video!

We had to clean out the large tank at Gumbo Limbo today. While this was occurring we continued treatments on the turtles. All of the turtles were pulled out of the tank because there is no easy way to get them out of the tank once it is empty.

Above are the sea turtles from the very large tank at Gumbo Limbo. They are covered with moist towels so they do not overheat or get too dry.

The awesome team at Gumbo Limbo is working on the turtles.

As with the turtles up in New England they each get a hydration based on bloodwork. You can see Heather above left and Juan P. above right looking through the fluid bags get the right therapy for the turtle they are treating.

Above you can see Cody giving an exam to one of the turtles. We were determining how the pap tumors were burdening these animals. If they were heavily loaded they would need surgery. However if the tumors were small and not effecting there vision they were release candidates.

Above you can see Rick lowering a turtle into the "elevator" which, was then lowered by Kirt to get the turtles back into the very large very deep pool.

In order to get the turtles back into the water quickly after treatment the staff at Gumbo Limbo created this great device to safely lower the turtles down and back in the water. You can see the video below:



  1. Connie and Adam were invaluable to us at Gumbo Limbo this week! What an awesome pair. Thank you again for sending in the finest calvary to the rescue! We couldn't have done it without you!
    VP GLNC, Inc.

  2. Hi Adam:

    Looks like you are staying very busy these days. My wife and I will be down in Marathon Florida in March and will visit the Turtle Hospital there.

    Stay in touch.

    Best regards,
    Joe T