The "eyes" have it

Hi all,

I thought I would provide an update for one of the intensive care cases I reported on a couple of weeks ago...or was that a couple of years ago?! Forgive me, it's been a busy season.

#118 was the second to last turtle of this cold stun season to come to the Aquarium alive. You may recall that this animal arrived very hypothermic and had several significant blunt trauma injuries, in particular to both eyes.

Photo below of #118 during the intake exam. You can see the blood around 
the eyes and nares (nasal area) on the animal before we cleaned him up.

This animal remains in the intensive care ward but is showing great improvements. He is not eating on his own yet but is beginning to show promising signs of interest. I discussed this case today with Dr. Cavin and we decided to tube feed #118 tomorrow a small amount of fish gruel to help jump start his gastrointestinal system. That may help promote interest in food.

We continue to treat the eyes and the eye lids daily to promote healing. We are also treating other blunt trauma injuries on this animal but the eyes are the most concerning, hence the focus here. I'll feel better when 118 is eating on his own.

- Connie

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