Good News and Bad News

Hi all,

There's good news and bad news today. I'm sorry to report that we lost #16 last night. Dr. Cavin was still working on him at the time I wrote last night's blog. After we lost him, Dr. Cavin performed a necropsy (animal autopsy) to see if we could learn why he died. She discovered that his lungs were severely diseased. She took cultures of the lung tissue and sent them to the lab for analysis. She also took photos so the rest of the Rescue staff and the Animal Health staff could see the extent of the disease. I will not include those due to their graphic nature.

On the good news front, #85 (the little Kemp's Ridley on the "surf board") is still with us. He was a little more active today but still having issues with his breathing. His blood work looks a little better, however the breathing issue is very concerning. His condition is still listed as critical at this point. He spent the day alternating between supervised swims, floating on his foam pad and resting in a sea turtle transport box.

Here #85 takes a supervised swim in the pool.

The other case I highlighted last night is also still with us. Number 57 began specialized treatments today for his pneumonia and will be nebulized twice a day until the vets discontinue that treatment. I'll post photos of this treatment tomorrow.

Two new turtles arrived this evening, #117 and #118. Both are Kemp's ridley sea turtles and were alert and responsive despite the fact that their core body temperatures were in the high 40s (F).

- Connie

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