Circle of Life

Last week, Connie blogged about a bronchoscopy conducted by Aquarium veterinarians to assess the severity of the pneumonia in the green sea turtle, #21. I know a lot of people were following this case and I wanted to share the unfortunate news that even after all the procedures, medications and TLC, #21 died on Sunday morning. #21 was definitely a fighter who hung on longer than any of us expected, but ultimately the infection and swelling of the lungs proved too severe for recovery.

#21 (on right) listed strongly to the left due to pneumonia in the left lung.

Although this season has been difficult with many turtles in very poor condition when they stranded, we have had remarkable success with many of the turtles. Most of the turtles are starting to eat again and are on the long road to recovery. There are still several turtles that are in our critical care area and we are treating them aggressively with the hopes that they will all soon be in our recovery room actively feeding to gain weight and strength.


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