A Message from Long Lost Goose!

I was very excited this morning when I logged into my email account and found a message from Goose, the green sea turtle! In case you've forgotten or never got a chance to "meet" Goose... we satellite tagged and released Goose from a Cape Cod beach in August 2009 (see picture below) after about nine months of rehabilitation.

Transmissions from the satellite tag allowed us to follow Goose's progress through mid November, when the tag stopped functioning. We weren't sure if we'd ever hear from Goose again. Then yesterday, all of a sudden, there were several messages from the tag that pinpointed Goose's location offshore of Maryland. The surface temperature in that area is over 70 degrees due to the Gulf Stream. Goose can stay there comfortably for a long, long time.

We are so excited to continue to track Goose's progress. If you'd like to follow Goose, as well, you can go to http://www.seaturtle.org/. The tag will transmit once a week from now until the battery runs out, so we hopefully can follow Goose for another few months.


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