A great wave-More than 60 sea turtles treated so far!

We thought we had a lot of turtles last week. Well, this week brought even more! On Monday alone, 15 cold-stunned turtles arrived from Cape Cod and another five today, kicking our rescue efforts into high gear. Biologists and veterinarians on our team are treating the animals for severe hypothermia and dehydration, pneumonia and sometimes cuts and bruises.

New sea turtle patients in the Aquarium's Ocean Center

Our animal care facilities are buzzing with activity and we are taking over other areas in the Aquarium too. Since many of these animals are too weak to swim, we dropped the thermostat in a conference room to make a comfortable cool space for the new arrivals (see photos). Once a turtle is doing a little better, it may complete it's rehab here at the Aquarium or travel to one of our partners for the lengthy rehabilitation process. We rely on a network to make sure each reptile gets the care and attention it needs.


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