Acadia Goes to Maine!

Acadia, the loggerhead sea turtle, was transported to the University of New England Marine Animal Rehab Center (MARC) last week. As turtles continue to arrive at the Aquarium, we needed to open up tank space, and the 160-pound turtle took up lots of it! We were sad to see her go because we have all grown quite fond of her, but we are also excited to see her go to her next phase of rehabilitation at MARC.

MARC staff has been keeping us updated, and they report that Acadia is doing well. She was swimming in her new tank shortly after arriving there. She will be very well taken care of by MARC staff and volunteers. It is also appropriate that she is in Maine, where Acadia National Park is located!

Bandelier, our first Kemp's ridley turtle of the season, also went to MARC with Acadia. He is doing well also. We will continue to pass on Acadia and Bandelier's progress as we get updates from MARC. Thank you to MARC staff and volunteers for helping us during this busy turtle season!


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