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Hi all,

I am very sorry to report that we lost #85 this morning. #85 was the little Kemp's Ridley sea turtle that I wrote about last week when I highlighted a number of critical cases. Most of you will remember #85 from his time on the surf board. He was a very sick turtle and would tire quickly in the pool. His breathing was never normal, however he would breath better in the pool than when resting in a sea turtle transport box. I put him on the foam pad to facilitate breathing and allow him to float around the pool. From his foam pad he would watch the other turtles swimming around.

Dr. Innis had this animal on the critical list where he was monitored several times a day and medications and treatments adjusted as needed. In the end, the effects of severe hypothermia were too much even for constant care and the highest level of veterinary medicine. Yesterday his energy level sharply declined and he took a turn for the worst and we lost him this morning.

Thanks to all who posted comments of support for this animal. Your comments do make it to the Rescue staff and they are greatly appreciated.

- Connie

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