Treatments, emergency and surgery - all in a day's work.

Turtle #63 after a surgical procedure on its plastron.

While Adam was working with a large group of turtles on the other side of the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, I was stationed in the Rehab Center with another team.

As if we didn't have enough to do, an emergency case came in while we were in the middle of treatments. A women came up to the viewing area and told me she had a turtle that needed help. She was holding a small drink cooler in her hands and said a fisherman had just hooked a small turtle. She collected the turtle and brought it to the Gumbo Center.

The turtle was a very small green turtle and indeed, it did have a hook lodged in it's tongue. It wasn't an easy removal so we called Dr. Mette over for consult.

In addition to routine treatments we had a few surgical procedures. Sea turtle number 63 came in the other night in the shipment of 28 animals. This animal had a severe penetrating traumatic injury.

#63 is in critical condition and his prognosis is not great. Lead by Dr. Mette we are doing everything possible for this animal and all the others in our care. I'm reserving a lot of hope for #63, his injuries are severe but a little hope can't hurt.



  1. Glad to hear you guys are being put to work!

    Michael Coyne has a post in his blog compiling the different facilities that are requesting help for money and supplies as well as a link for donating to the emergency fund for Florida that CCC has set up. I thought it would be good to share if any of the rescue blog's followers wanted to help out.


    - Emily

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