What's happening with the Cold-Stunned turtles?

We wanted to give you a quick update on some turtles:

Above: (L-R)Sarah, Carrie, Elspeth and Maury work diligently at trying to get the turtles to eat.

You can see in the above photo several volunteers/interns feeding our established turtles. So far we are still seeing slight anemia in Nightcrawler and Rorschach, which they have been treated for and our starting to resolve. Otherwise all of our turtles prior to last Thursday are eating and swimming great!

Above you can make out #22 swimming along with two other turtles that stranded on the same day as him/her 21 and 23.

Our turtles from Saturday who have yet to be named are doing better and swimming in 70F brackish water today. Maybe tomorrow they will get to be placed in a larger pool and possibly swim overnight.

Above: Hybrid the hybrid sea turtle swimming against the outflow pipe. Click on the link below to see the first turtle that took advantage of the pipe.

Hybrid is taking advantage of the outflow pipe to swim continuously and build up some muscle. Like one of our turtles from 2008 "Route" Hybrid has taken quite nicely to the underwater treadmill.

Above: Our first loggerhead of the season #29!

There is no mistaking that our large turtle friend above is definitely a full-blooded loggerhead turtle. We haven't named this turtle yet but we are thinking maybe Juggernaut or Thing.

Above: three of the seven turtles that came to the Animal Care Center yesterday.

In the corner #28 above is currently our most critical turtle from yesterday's group. The blood work this morning showed that the turtle was not breathing well overnight. Throughout the day the turtle has perked up. With the swimming and supplemental fluids hopefully this turtle will make it.

Above you can see one of our volunteers Dave watch over the first swim of the day for our turtles that are increasing to 60F!

We received two more turtle today from Wellfleet. One seems to be hanging in there the other is in critical condition. We will keep you updated.

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So far, the heroes and villains theme has also named turtles Nightcrawler, Jack O'Lantern, Rorchach and Doomsday. These turtles will be treated until they are well enough for release into the wild, then they will be returned to the ocean in warmer waters. See photos of a recent release in this post. Caring for all the turtles is a big job, and any way you can help is appreciated.

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  1. What is update on loggerhead from 2 days ago?